From Insight to Intent

The starting point to engage a crowd into a project is being able to share a very clear Intent.

The first step of the Art of Crowddreaming process is all about transforming the initial Insight of an individual or a small group of people about a Big Dilemma into a clear and sound Intent, that can motivate a crowd to be engaged in the project. It is the noble and relevant goal that people might desire to achieve for altruistic motivations.

In the Crowddreaming: Youth co-create Digital Culture project both the Insight and the Intent have been defined by project partners, and shared with the participating teachers, who can add their own personal angle to them. The teachers have to fill in a template that contains the tables showcased in this tutorial. Since now on, we will assume that a teacher filled the examples that follow.

Section 1.1: Insight

The original Insight, from which the Crowddreaming: Youth co-create Digital Culture project originated and the idea of the Europa Square Challenge was born, is as follows:

Insight (Max 500 chars)

The so-called "digital native" generations are the first ones to face the epochal challenge to transmit their material and immaterial culture through digital constructs. It is an almost completely new game, that will shape the future of humankind as today's choices define what of contemporary and, partially, of past culture will be available in the next centuries. At the same time, the fine-tuned educational machine based on the analytical model, that served humankind so well for the last three centuries, is facing a deep crisis because it is not able by design to keep up with the pace of a world, which changes at an unprecedented speed, largely because of the effects of the Digital Transformation.

In my opinion it is important not to take into account only the crisis of the educational system, but to have a more holistic approach, since all components of society are both part of the problem and of the solution. Namely, politics moves very slowly and their decisions are a decisive factor in order to be able to face the Digital Transformation challenge in any sector of the society.

Section 1.2: Intent

The Intent, or desirable result, declared by the Crowddreaming: Youth co-create Digital Culture project, is as follows:

Intent (Max 500 chars)

We want to deliver a new sustainable process that might help teachers to let students be aware of the existence and of the nature of the digital culture challenge that they are facing. The process revolves around a yearly contest that challenges students to contribute to the creation of a "digital monument" dedicated to the value of the cross-cultural nature of European society. Reflecting about what _"building a digital monument" means, students will develop a deeper understanding of what digital culture is and of the ways to transmit it to the generations to come.

I feel that in my school a special effort has to be dedicated to explaining what "Digital Culture" means.