Brief History of the Challenge
The first edition of the "Crowddreaming: i giovani co-creano cultura digitale" challenge was launched in December 2016 by the network for the Digital Cultural Heritage Arts & Humanities School, which includes over 70 Italian organizations that deal with digital culture in various ways. The no-profit association Stati Generali dell'Innovazione (aka States General of Innovation) has been the leading partner since the beginning. The event is open to all Italian schools of any degree and it has been promoted in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. Over the past four editions, a total of over 300 schools and more than 4,500 students have been involved. The first edition required students to create digital contributions on the meaning of being Italian in a globalized society. The second edition required students to create digital content the ideal city, guided by knowledge and environmental sustainability. In the third edition, the format was perfected, introducing three new features that were also maintained in the fourth edition of 2019:
    the "Piazza Europa" (aka Europa Square) topic, to stimulate reflection on Europe as a transcultural laboratory;
    the use of templates that allow students to directly create experiences in augmented reality, instead of simply conferring the contents;
    emphasis on teachers' co-operative effort.
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