This tutorial will provide you with a practical example of application of the Art of Crowddreaming method, by guiding you to develop a simple, but effective action plan for activities with school's students for an European Challenge. The tutorial will use the Europa Square Challenge of the Crowddreaming: Youth co-create Digital Culture Erasmus+ project as a concrete example.
The tutorial exploits a very basic version of the Art of Crowddreaming method. It is all that you might need to get accurate action plans done with very little effort. However, you are welcome to read the "Art of Crowddreaming Handbook" to dig deeper into the method and for more useful insights.
At the end of the process you will obtain:
    A clear understanding of your goals and of the Europa Square Challenge scenario;
    A clear picture of people involved and of their role in your activities for the Europa Square Challenge;
    A clear understanding of the key events in your run for the Europa Square Challenge;
    Your Action Plan in the form of a collection of to-do lists, that will help you to prepare, run and evaluate the key events and activities to participate to the Europa Square Challenge.
The tutorial is divided into three main steps after the main phases of the Art of Crowddreaming method:
    Step 1: From Insight to Intent
    Step 2: From Intent to Story
    Step 3: From Story to Project
The key idea behind the Art of Crowddreaming method is that if a project worked, the people who made it happen share a success story. Imagining the desired happy ending and building the story back to its beginnings is a very approachable and thorough method to plan all the required activities, without having to deal with the complex technical language of planning and project management systems, originally developed for the enterprise or scientific research world. Non professionals and even secondary schools students can develop accurate plans, using the Art of Crowddreaming method.
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