The Art of Crowddreaming
or, About Teaching Connective Minds to Dreamscape Reality
The Art of Crowddreaming is all about training a Connective Mind to Dreamscape the Future.
The method is articulated in three distinct passages:
    from the Big Dilemma to the Intent;
    from the Intent to the Story;
    from the Story to Production.
The first phase usually concerns a small group of people. Its goal is to define the starting point (Big Dilemma) and the desirable arriving point (Intent) of the change process.
The second phase serves a dual purpose: to engage a community in the desired change process, and to equip its agents with all the information and the stimuli required to provide their own personal response to the questions and to the challenges that the change process will throw at them.
The third phase serves to provide useful tools to make the desired future come true.
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