From the Story to the Production

Story encourages each individual to make informed decisions about a fundamental dilemma for the community which he or she belongs to. For the individual to become an agent of change it is necessary to facilitate the transition from thought to the action of response to the stimulus.

Again, it helps to look at the production techniques of Hollywood blockbusters. Not only they do provide a narrative context that engages young people much more easily than standard project management techniques, but they are also more flexible as they are based on independent management of significant events rather than on controlling the execution of tasks according to a precise chain of causes and effect. An operational framework that allows the individual agent to operate without having an idea of ​​the overall picture is perfect for a stigmergic approach.

The Art of Crowddreaming requires analyzing the scenes of the written change history to identify all the events that must occur in order to reach the happy ending. For each event, the place, the required stage resources, the characters actively or passively participating, their motivations and their interactions must be identified. The key is to look for the answer to the question: "This event occurs only if ...".

To structure this information, various scriptwriting and production support software, such as Aeon Timeline , Scrivener or Celtx. Their manuals provide many examples and useful information.