The Challenge as a Crowddreaming Effort
The challenge itself can now be described in terms of the Art of Crowddreaming.


Are we still able to play our role as educators and to assist young people in the epochal challenge of understanding, creating and handing down digital culture?


To define a sustainable curricular format that helps students to develop an adequate digital culture, while they face the challenge of providing their contribution to the digital monument "Piazza Europa".


Providing a contribution to the digital collective artwork "Piazza Europa" stimulates young people to reflect on the transcultural nature of Europe and allows them to better understand how to create and transmit digital culture. Students must imagine being in any European square, having friends of another European country in front of them and wanting to thank them for a cultural element that has been shared by their country. At the same time, teachers with a passion for innovation in education discover new technologies, experiment with new methods and overcome the sense of isolation, by networking with colleagues with a similar feeling.


The Crowddreaming competition requires creating an experience in AR starting from a template, which contains a reflection on European transculturality.
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